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Maksim, d.o.o.

Trg Celjskih knezov 2, Celje




Pocinkovalnica, d.o.o.

Bežigrajska cesta 6, Celje

  Pocinkovalnica is a service provider company. Our primary activity is application of hot dip galvanizing coatings on metal constructions, which is considered to be the most effective method for corrosion protection of steel.

Slovenia is our primary market, but we are also present in Austria, Italy and Croatia.


Container, d.o.o.

Bežigrajska cesta 6, Celje

  Container is a manufacturing company which produces special containers. Our main activities are: development, construction and production of special containers. Employing modern technological equipment and highly skilled personnel, we offer you containers that will resolve any logistic problems you may have.


Maksim BG d.o.o.

Vojvode Putnika bb, Indjija

  Maksim BG carries out management services for our companies in Serbia.



Metal-Cinkara d.o.o.

Kneza Miloša b.b., Ćuprija

  The company Metal-Cinkara provides hot dip galvanizing coatings for markets of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia. Our main advantages over the competition are higher quality and greater flexibility at a competitive price.


Metal Nova d.o.o.

Kneza Miloša b.b., Ćuprija

  In Metal Nova we produce containers’ component parts for our sister company Container from Celje. This gives us the opportunity to achieve synergistic effects and gradually increase the technological proficiency and personnel proficiency of the company, our ultimate goal being a system for production of complete containers for southern markets.


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