Environmental protection

What are we doing to protect the environment?

The importance of the environment

The environmental policy of the Maksim group is based on the belief that economic growth of a company and its business success are inseparably linked to the social progress of the environment in which the company operates.

High environmental standards

Companies within the Maksim group are aware of these challenges, which is why we employ strict environmental standards and encourage new work methods and cleaner technologies. We hope that this attitude will result in increased competitiveness and innovativeness of our operations and create a healthy foundation for new workplaces.

Precautionary measures

The basic principle of the Maksim group’s environmental policy is that it is better to prevent pollution at the source than to perform cleaning and later deal with its consequences. Precautionary measures are most certainly the right tool for maintaining the continuity of the company’s operations.


Companies within the Maksim group belong to a group of companies whose production programmes show a high degree of environmental consciousness (products for transportation and storing of various dangerous substances, and hot dip galvanizing as the most suitable corrosion protection, which extends the usability of materials and contributes to the utilization of natural resources).


We are a responsible company, which is aware that its activities affect the environment, which is why we regularly strive to identify, monitor, evaluate and analyse these influences and carry out improvements.

Employees’ education

Our companies put considerable effort in employees’ education in various fields and on various levels. This way we increase the level of environmental consciousness of our employees and ensure that they act in an environmentally responsible manner, both in the company and outside of it.

Observance of legislative regulations

The company Pocinkovalnica, d. o. o. is bound by the IPPC, as it performs an activity that could have a negative effect on the environment. Such companies must adhere to very strict environmental rules and have environmental protection permits. Our company obtained such a permit in 2007 and entirely satisfies all environmental demands of this permit.

In the past years, the company Container, d. o. o. has focused mostly on reducing the levels of emissions of vaporized organic substances. By introducing new painting technologies and new protection systems, we have been able to reduce the emissions of vaporized organic substances below the levels, required by legislation.

Our companies do not exceed the legally required maximum levels of emissions. With various programmes and goals, which are established annually, we wish to further reduce our impact on the environment.