School on visit

Thursday, 8. December, 2011

In company Pocinkovalnica, the cooperation with secondary schools is standard practice. At least once during the period of secondary education , each generation of secondary students of technical programmes probably visits company Pocinkovalnica and gets acquainted with the advantages of hot dip galvanizing of steel constructions in comparison to the protection with painting.

In October, we were visited by the first-year students of Secondary school of Mechanical Engineering Novo mesto and their companions. The hot dip galvanizing process was demonstrated to the students with the theoretical lecture and visit of the production by Head of production Sašo Zupanc and Head of technology Matija Založnik. The students saw the entire process of performing hot dip galvanizing services. In the first place, the visit of company Pocinkovalnica gives the students an idea of what can be hot dip galvanized, but they can also see the practical operation of the hot dip galvanizing system.

Already in secondary schools, it is important to keep the students informed about the most effective and ecologically friendly anti-corrosive protection. Thus, the importance and the advantages of the protection of steel constructions with hot dip galvanizing is presented to the younger generation who will with its acquired knowledge definitely take active part in decisions about the selection of steel constructions? protection in the coming years.

In this way, our practical knowledge is passed on the secondary students and by this we contribute to higher awareness as well the younger generation as the wider public about very important segment in the stage of processing of metals or creating the final products made of them.

?Biznis partner? award 2011 Metal-Cinkara ? the only and the best company from Slovenia

Wednesday, 27. July, 2011

Metal-Cinkara is the only Slovene company operating in the Serbian market. On 23rd of June, at the official ceremony in Beograd, it received the regional award ?Biznis partner 2011?.

The award ?Biznis partner? is being awarded since 1995 and since then it has become a prestigious business and public recognition in the region. A large number of companies, institutions, associations and printed or electronic media take part in the selection process ? from the nomination to the final decisions on the award recipient. Considering a very strict criteria, the commission examines the nominees and chooses the company, which meets all of the 10 required criteria.

The commission offered the following explanation for choosing this particular recipient: ?The business exceptionality of the company Metal-Cinkara has been best recognized and evaluated by their business partners and their choice was also confirmed by the results of an independent research.

The final decisions was based on the analysis of the obtained results, which confirmed that the company Metal-Cinkara created good business results, respected a high level of professionalism and ethics while doing business with their partners, clients and customers and it also considered the social interests, the needs of the local community and ecological awareness.?


Recognition for a contribution to the development of the economy

Monday, 23. May, 2011

Municipality Ćuprija celebrated the day of municipality on Friday, 29th of April, 2011. At the ceremonial session of the Ćuprija Municipal Assembly recognitions were awarded for contributions in several different fields: sports, culture, crafts, business and economy.

Among the recipients of the recognition in the field of economy was also Metal-Cinkara, a company which has been working with the local community ever since its foundation in 2004 and has continued to assert its influence to the working, social and natural environment, as well as to foster an ethical and responsible attitude towards all its interest groups or stakeholders.

At Metal-Cinkara, we strive to continuously improve our production processes, expand our production capacities and constantly upgrade the level of professionalism of our employees, while at the same time we pay great attention to the health, safety and working conditions of our employees. Metal-Cinkara is actively responding to the needs of our local community as we have participated with various form of assistance in solving housing problems of Roma, organizing the Children health, oral and dental hygiene week campaign, while we have also donated financial and material resources to a Home for children without parental care in Ćuprija and the Athletic and Basketball Club for organizing the traditional international street matches and a basketball tournament for youths.