Social Responsibility

Everyone in the Maksim group is aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment in which our companies operate.

  • With numerous sponsorships and donations, we offer our help in many fields, including humanitarian causes, sports, culture and arts.
  • We strive to educate young people about good business practices and encourage them to use environmentally friendly technologies and products.
  • Environmental protection is especially high on our list of priorities, which is the reason why we invest so much effort and financial resources into this area.


Our values

Satisfying customers’ needs
Satisfying customers? needs and expectations is the main indicator of our success.

Efficient management
Efficient management is the foundation for successful business and growth of every company and the group as a whole.

Employee care
The most valuable capital is motivated, capable and satisfied employees with a high level of company loyalty. We ensure social safety for all employees, along with possibilities for personal growth.

Environmental protection
Sustainable development requires strong environmental awareness. We are aware that protecting nature?s vitality is every individual?s duty and responsibility and an essential prerequisite for the development of our activity.

Development promoters
We wish to encourage development in the local community.

“Our goal is business excellence. Production and business processes are established in accordance with ISO standards.”